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ESP Radio Birthday

A most awesome event occurred on 12th August 2010 between the hours of 6-8pm, we celebrated our one year of doing the show and loving every moment of it.  It was a bit of a free form show (I won’t lie) it probably should have been better organised but it was excellent.  We had loads of guest come to visit @cybrum, @chimerax, @povster, @collet87, @domster, @banksy9, @daneed4 and @karmadillo all pop by and join in our most execellent games of True & False to win glamours prizes (its worth to hear @ChimeraX and @Banksy9 go head to head in the competition, the questions were brilliant).

We had loads and loads of cakes, sweets and beer so a major thanks to everyone who brought goodies in, both Steve and I had an excellent evening and without a doubt our best show ever.  A big thanks to everyone who listens and as long as you listen we’ll keep doing it.  Wanna see some photos, well ?

If you can see the rhubarb radio box use that or listen again

ESP Radio: 24/09/09

Another fine show, in fact I do think that this one was our best ever show.  With a freshers theme listen out for the cheesy music we have playing, I won’t lie to you fine folks its was brilliant.  Covering the Chas ‘n’ Dave split, Halo: ODST, facebook voice chat and much more click the button below to listen again:

Listen to ESP Radio! on Rhubarb Radio

ESP Radio 14/08/09

Another brilliant show last night from Rob (who is stuck down currently with flu at the moment), Steve and myself.  As Rob wasn’t able to make it, Steve and I had a trial by fire at being DJ’s and after some slightly shaky beginnings were did a perfect finish.  Yesterday’s show was a football theme/no theme show discussing such topics as:

  • New football season
  • John Hughes
  • French law regarding cheese and wine
  • Possibly the best action film ever…..and
  • Music from my own iTunes collection

You can listen again below

Listen to Mama Feel Good! on Rhubarb Radio

ESP 16th July 2009

Yesterday Rob, Steve and myself were once again hosting ESP on rhubarb radio.  It was a Rock a Billy special and you can get a full tracking listing for the show here, should you feel inclined to bulk up your itunes library.  It was good fun as always and we’re working on the format so it’ll shine so stay tuned for the next show in 2 weeks.  We have a twitter account for the show (@espradio) and a new blog.

This week’s theme was about gaming and we talked in depth about E3 2009 which happened in June.  Touching on such excellent games including Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Bros. for the Wii, Milo and the Secret of Monkey Island. We also touched on every interesting conversation I over heard at the brum bloggers about the luminescence of ginger pubes.

You can listen again here

My Rhubarb Radio Appearance

DSCF5947 So last night I did a little slot on rhubarb radio on the ESP program with @adamsrob and @stwefano talking about social media in birmingham.  We talked about Digital Britain, Digital Britain Unconference, Amplified 09, LocalGovCamp and other bits and pieces.  I gave my shout outs to @gabysslave, @lylebignon, @benjibrum, @bostinbloke, @bounder, @DaveDev, @pigsonthewing and of course my mum!  Hopefully it all went well and I’ll be asked back in two weeks.  You can listen again from the link below, the program is about two hours long and I’m on from the second hour so stick with it and hopefully I’ve not made a fool of myself.

Listen to ESP on Rhubarb Radio

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