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The Podcast Return

Twitter friends are great. That lovely Mr Mark Steadman has created something pretty awesome called and he messaged me the other day (to be fair it was a quite a while ago) to ask if I was interested in bringing back my podcast to it. In a heart beat I said yes.

And here’s why, originally I did a radio show on rhubarb radio called ESPradio. It was one of the most creative and brilliant things I had ever done! There’s a number of reason why but here are three:

    I got to talk about stuff I liked
    I imagined people all across the world listening via our internet stream
    I got to work with Steve Robertson
    We did the best birthday show ever (I realise this is four but if you came to the birthday show or heard you know how good it was)

It provided a huge ray of sunshine in what was a very dull and difficult time in my professional life and having this creative outlet was brilliant. Both Steve and I were very sad when it ended but we vowed to continue.

We did rebrand as the geekybit trying to meet up as regularly as we could and borrow some studio space and equipment to use but could never get to work properly. At this point I had just recently become a new Dad and really if I was being honest probably over stretched myself and I do apologise for the poor quality of these recordings as this was never my intention.

However with the help from Mark providing the infrastructure, I can say with great eagerness that next week Steve and I will be back on the microphones and recording a test run podcast and publishing shortly after. I feel a lot of energy building inside of me and I’m in need in of a creative outlet, which means only one thing. This is gonna be awesome

The GeekyBit is dead. Long live The GeekyBit


What a funny man and what a good show. I think that Fame has to be the best entry he has made on to the stage for one of his shows ever. The warm up act (his mate Robin Ince) was just as good and I think when he tours I’ll go and see him!

Jonathan Coulton

I must mention this guy, Jonathan Coulton.  I only stumbled across him the other day because of his song code monkey, which is great by the way.  Last year he decided to release a song everyweek for a year through his podcast Thing A Week.  All of his songs are free as podcasts or if you like there’s a link on his main age where you can buy album versions.  I would recommend that you listen to it, there’s some great songs CodeMonkey, Tom Cruise Crazy and an excellent little song called Re: Your Brains which is about zombies.  So please do the right thing and listen now.  His podcast feed is


Hi People,

Thought I would just let everyone that I am moving my domain and hosting over to a new company and in doing so I’ll doing some major revamps to my blog and fianlly relaunching my podcast you lucky people.