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A Night At The Bostin Pie Factory

So last night (Saturday 30th Jan 2010) I went to Mad O’Roukes Bostin Pie Factory, with Gez (my father in law) and Rosie (my sister in law).  Katie and Ange were off having a girls night with Katie’s auntie Sara celebrating her birthday. I’d never been to the pie factory but had driven past it loads of time and had always wondered what it was like.  I had heard of such stories of saw dust on the floor and desperate Dan cow pies, I was quite dubious about what to expect when I went in.  I have to stay that it lived up to everything I though it would be, in a good way though.  The food was exceptional and as you can tell from the photos big (I had the sharing plater and the Desperate Dan cow pie.  If thats not you boat you can get a mixed grill on a shovel!), as soon as I came home after drinking a flagon of red wine (if anyone ever offers you a flagon of red wine just say no, it’ll never end well) I had pie on the brain!  So if you are in the mood for a great slice of Black Country (I know bad pun) go to Mad O’Roukes it was brilliant.  They even have saw dust on the floor.

Now To Bore You All With Photos

Well we’re now back in the UK now since Saturday evening, still haven’t adjusted to the sleep yet, I keep waking up at 2am for a couple of hours or so.  We returned to a mountain of letters and free crap through the letter box.  Katie’s mum had made use a pie and brought sausages, bacon and eggs and popped them into the fridge so that we wouldn’t have to worry about food when we got back.  Thanks Anglea-Mangela your ace!

I have now sorted through all the photos and so if you feel like being completely bored there are two sets.  One for Australia and one for Japan, these include such nuggets as some great Japanese to English translations,some hump back whale photos (one of them breeching the water) and other weird and wonderful things that we saw on our travels.



After waiting for 10 months now Katie and I are going on holiday!  On Sunday we will be boarding a plane to Australia where I will be attending my brothers wedding to Amelia, where I will be co-best man with my little brother, Jon’s twin, Chris.

We are staying in Oz for two weeks and the heading back via Japan where we will spend 6 days experiencing everything that we can.  I’m really quite excited about this but also a bit nervous.  I think its the same sort of nerves that I had before we went to India, culture shock, not speaking the language and not knowing what to expect but I’m sure that it will be great.

For those who don’t know I’ve been going through a rough patch while trying to find myself a new job having been made redundant earlier on this year, and when I come back I have a 6 month contract with the NHS as an ICT Applications Developer (mainly Sharepoint, ASP.Net development) which I am looking forward to starting and having back some routine into my life.  So the holiday will be a good way to unplug and relax for a bit.  I will be blogging via email to this site and also to my other one so don’t forget to check that as well.

I guess I’ll see you all when I get back.


My 30th Birthday Party

Well there was a lot of cooking, a lot of painting, loads of wiring for the lights and not to mention the 1 hour torrential pour down before 6pm which caused quite a bit of stress but the party was brilliant, I think everyone had a brilliant time and I would really like to thank everyone who came and the gifts the brought, they were all great-fully received.  It was quite a long one, we started at 4pm and went on till 5am and only realised it was that late because the birds were tweeting.  All in all its been a brilliant birthday week and one which I have to especially thank for Katie for organising and surprising me at the party with a trip to New York (whoop-whoop) next paddies day.

There’s a link here for the photos, I also setup a webcam in the living room to do some time lapse photography.  It was running for about 12 hours and below is the party summed up in about 12 seconds!  I think I should have taken a few more though to make it last for at least another 5 seconds.

Australia and Japan

So I’m heading off to Australia and Japan this October and November for the big holiday.  I wasn’t really supposed to be doing this again, as after last years saving all the holidays for the wedding and honeymoon, which while amazing was knackering as we had to wait ages before either Katie and I could take some time off.

So this year, we planned to have lots of smaller holidays, to give us a break, relax and chop up the year to manageable bit size chunks.  But sadly this year its not happened as I have three weddings to go to this year.  One with our friends Robin and Laura (in September), Matt and Leanne (in August) and then my brother has popped the question to Amelia and that’s happening in October but it just to happens to be in Australia!  Don’t get me wrong its great never been but it means I have had to save everything up again, grrr  (only kidding Jon).

I don’t really mind, I have never been to Oz (Katie has) but we have decided to combine the trip with somewhere either on the way out or the way back and after much discussion and a grumble from Katie (she wanted to go to Fiji, but then I think all girls want to go to Fiji) we are heading to Japan.  At the moment I’m building up research for hotel, guides and the like.  I think from memory we are there for 6 days, 5 nights.  Ideally I would like to spend maybe 2 days in Tokyo (Electric town is of course a major stop off, plus singing Karaoke till 5am) and then the rest going off on an adventure around Japan without spending a fortune.

I’ve stumbled across the following sites Trip Advisor, Nextstop and the Rough Guide. If you have any other recommendations please leave a comment below, all help is appreciated.